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Whether you’re an average Joe, looking to do something different, or an actor looking to diversify your work Nadine is here for you!  Her Coaching style incorporates multiple acting techniques and a full-sensory experience.  Since there isn’t a one-size fits all training method that makes an actor better, Nadine believes that every actor should be given multiple tools for their toolbox and be taught how and when to use them. Sometimes during a performance the old tools stop working, so what do you do?...Grab another tool from the box!  Everyone is unique in their own training levels, comfort with performance, as well as how their emotional responses work.  In every session the work is tailored to the individual's needs and are customized for On-Camera work or Voice Over.


Nadine’s studied with students of Sanford Meisner (John Tyrell), Uta Hagen (Richard Omar), Stella Adler (Tom Todoroff), Ivanna Chubbuck (Chris Soldevilla) and William Esper (Ruth Nerkin). As well as up and coming notables such as Dimiter Marinov, Maury Ginsberg, Connie Rotunda and Eileen Connolly.  She has been a working actor for nearly a decade in San Diego, New York, and the Pacific Northwest. During a coaching session with Nadine you can expect to be asked for specificity in your work, honesty, and to HAVE FUN!

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"I've known Nadine for quite some time now. When I was younger she taught a teen improv workshop that I was a part of, and ever since then she's always been one of my favorite teachers and people to work with. Earlier this year I reached out to her wondering about private acting lessons over Skype. I meet with her twice a month and we work on breaking down characters, analyzing the script, status, and many other essential tools in acting. She's always been very professional, but we are also good friends. I recommend Nadine to anyone looking for an acting coach or even just a few lessons to prepare for an upcoming audition. My acting has improved so much since starting with her and I can't wait to see how far I can go."

~Payton May

"As the parent of a child who aspires to have a career in the arts, finding an acting coach can be a challenge. We found plenty of dance, singing and community theatre opportunities but none of those help a young person understand what it takes to act for the camera. Luckily, we knew Nadine from when she taught an Improv class several years. Now, she works with our daughter a couple of times per month over Skype. It’s especially nice that there’s no worries about driving somewhere in traffic. I trust Nadine completely to work with Payton knowing that she is bringing real life experiences to her teaching. Payton really respects her and I can see her confidence growing as a result. I would recommend Nadine to anyone who needs an acting coach."

~Tom May


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