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Why Renaissance Woman?  Nadine is a graduate from The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts with an Atmospheric Science degree from Thomas Edison College, and holds a Real Estate Broker's License in the State of Washington.


Prior to her career dedicated to the arts and entertainment industry, she served 6 years in the U.S. Navy and lived in places such as Italy, Japan, San Diego, Mississippi, and New York.  With her roots in Washington State & Alaska, she now resides and works as a local hire in New Mexico and the Pacific Northwest.  She's always ready to break boundaries, whether it be state lines or unhealthy social norms.

Nadine has done numerous voice over, print, commercial, and hand modeling jobs for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies on the planet: Amazon, AT&T, Ericsson, Expedia, HBO, T-Mobile & Microsoft to name a few. Aside from her 350+ commercial & Industrial works, she has also starred-in and produced short and feature films of a variety of genres. (see more below in Producer section)

Her unending curiosity has enabled her to work in Real Estate Technology, Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Health Care, Teaching, and Web Design industries.  When Nadine sees things that need to be done, she figures out how to do them efficiently, correctly, and with a level of enthusiasm and creativity that gets the job done with style.  Ever the eternal team player until the mission is accomplished.


Nadine is always searching for her next film project to make her laugh, cry, cringe and serve as a peephole into the secret lives of women everywhere. Her insatiable search for truth furthers her craft and continually prompts her life long education.  Whether it be on the business playing field, entertainment map or a story yet to be told,  Nadine is always ready for a challenge. 



Nadine has produced films of many genres & cross-genres, and enjoys focusing on relevant stories that are applicable to everyday life.  Dark Comedy is a genre Nadine leans into, shedding light on the truth of uncommon seeming situations, that may  not be as uncommon as we believe them to be. The Divorce, is an example of a fun take on a well known story, which explores the concept of getting even by outsmarting ones "opponent"...their Ex.  Viral Viral, is the first feature film Nadine produced, that's also in the dark comedy genre that poses the question, "How far will people go for fame, attention and notoriety?".  Working With Damian, is a comedic short that draws the comparison between Hell & corporate work environments. SAFE is an action, thriller, horror, sci-fi short Nadine starred in and produced.  It's a unique tale of a strong female lead in her personal space, when a break-in occurs in an attempt to steal time.  All of these films have strong themes that resonate with worldly truths and real human behavior. 

Nadine's theory on Production is simple. Be Human, Be Kind, Be Aware of your surroundings and most importantly, care about the project. We have the deepest understanding of what a production is trying to achieve when the cast and crew works off of a single road map in unity....the script.

The majority of Nadine's work as a producer is commercial quality, low budget and independently made works (see video clips below). She wears many hats on set, from Acting, PA, Wardrobe, Script Supervision, Associate Producer, Crafty / Catering and Casting.  To contact Nadine for production work, please fill out the form below.


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Presley Talent

Email: Tina@presleytalent.com

Phone: 505-610-9273

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Big Fish Northwest

Email: Melissa@BigFishNW.com

Phone: 206-566-3113

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Coaching with Nadine


"I've known Nadine for quite some time now. When I was younger she taught a teen improv workshop that I was a part of, and ever since then she's always been one of my favorite teachers and people to work with. Earlier this year I reached out to her wondering about private acting lessons over Skype. I meet with her twice a month and we work on breaking down characters, analyzing the script, status, and many other essential tools in acting. She's always been very professional, but we are also good friends. I recommend Nadine to anyone looking for an acting coach or even just a few lessons to prepare for an upcoming audition. My acting has improved so much since starting with her and I can't wait to see how far I can go."

Payton May ~Actress, Dancer, Singer

"As the parent of a child who aspires to have a career in the arts, finding an acting coach can be a challenge. We found plenty of dance, singing and community theatre opportunities but none of those help a young person understand what it takes to act for the camera. Luckily, we knew Nadine from when she taught an Improv class several years. Now, she works with our daughter a couple of times per month over Skype. It’s especially nice that there’s no worries about driving somewhere in traffic. I trust Nadine completely to work with Payton knowing that she is bringing real life experiences to her teaching. Payton really respects her and I can see her confidence growing as a result. I would recommend Nadine to anyone who needs an acting coach."

Tom May ~Father & Marketing Consultant

She is an outstanding COO that can anticipate business  change and lead diverse teams. She is both grounded in data and creative in her approach to complex challenges. (And I have only just begun!)

Ann Simons ~Lobbyist

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